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A Beginner's Walk Through the Dye Garden

Learn how to get started in natural dyes. We’ll explore the plants in our dye garden and show samples of colors we have obtained. Participants will leave with a handout with seed sources and a book list on natural dyeing. Prices: Non-member $12, Member $10

Advanced Hornworking: A&AMW

Work alongside master hornsmith Art DeCamp to make a Tennessee/Kentucky screw tip banded style powder horn. Basic hornworking techniques such as heating, pressing, lathe work, finishing and coloring of horn will be covered. Ages 16+, Prices: $595 - Non-member, $575 - Member

All About Oxen

Come learn all about oxen! Whether you'd like to train oxen of your own or you just want to learn more about these impressive animals, this class is for you! Join Conner Prairie's agriculture staff to learn about the history, selection, training, and care of these magnificent draft animals. Afterward, try your hand at driving Conner Prairie's team of heritage breed Randall Lineback oxen with assistance from the Ag Staff. This program will take place outdoors, rain or shine. The class will run 9am to 1pm. Sturdy closed-toed shoes are required. Ages 16+; participants under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Members $65, Non-members $75

Axe Forging: A&AMW

Explore traditional forging techniques with blacksmith Nathan Allen. Examine stylistic differences and construction techniques used on historic axes. The class will primarily cover punched eye axes. For those with more blacksmithing experience, forge-welded styles can be made. Students will have the chance to forge a couple of different styles. Ages 16+, Prices: $300 non-member, $290 member

Basic Blacksmithing: A&AMW

Join Nathan Allen as you learn the basics of blacksmithing including drawing, punching, hardening, tempering steel and forge welding. You’ll make projects such as chain links, s-hooks, a fireplace poker, pliers and a fork. All tools and materials provided. Ages 16+, Prices: $300 - Non-member, $290 - Member

Basic Blacksmithing

Discover the basis of blacksmithing. We'll be using traditional coal fired forges, hammer and anvil to make several simple projects that will teach the fundamentals of this ancient craft. Starting off with basic s hooks and wall hooks, the class will progress through projects such as a flint striker, cold chisel, fireplace poker, cooking fork and candle holder, that will cover the processes of drawing out, punching, bending, riveting, welding and hardening and tempering. Ages 14+ (ages 14/15 must register with an adult). The date for which you register is the first meeting of this class. The class will continue to meet for the following four weeks on the same day of the week.

Blacksmithing: Fun in the Forge

You will have the opportunity to complete several simple projects such as barbeque skewers, a flint and steel firestarter (with instructions on how to use it), and a dinner bell. All tools and materials will be provided. Ages 13+ ( ages 16 and under must register with an adult).

Dovetailing Basics

Hand cut dovetails are not only practical and beautiful, but also a source of pride for the craftsman. In this class students will make a simple box with a sliding lid to learn how to lay out and cut through dovetails. Time will be taken in the class to discuss other types of dovetail joints. If you have tools, feel free to bring them along. Otherwise, all tools and materials will be provided. ages 13+ (ages 16 and under need to register with an adult). This is a 2-day workshop. Please be sure you are available for both sessions!

Cooking Over the Hearth

Learn to prepare a traditional meal over an open fire. Enjoy the smell of wood smoke as hearth cooking expert Sarah Withrow shares her knowledge. Learn to blend traditional techniques with historic and contemporary recipes. This is a 7-hour workshop from 8am to 3pm on October 7th. Ages 14+ (Children under 16 will need to register with an adult). Prices: $100 per non-member, $90 per member.

Feeding and Healing the Historical Family with Herbs

Tour Conner Prairie's historical gardens and identify a plethora of 1836 herbs that you can grow. Learn their medicinal and culinary purposes for the family and weary travelers. Also, create your own herbal tea and take home sample herbs to start in your own garden. Ages 13+ (children under 16 must register with an adult). Saturday, July 29th 9am - 1pm. Prices: $75 per non-member, $70 per member

Historic Brewing: A&AMW

Beer has always played an important role in the history of America. This class will explore that history in early Indiana as well as several recipes from the period. In addition, participants will help brew a historical beer using early 19th-century style ingredients and equipment. As we step through the brewing process, techniques will be shared so you can make the same beer using modern homebrewing techniques. Ages 21+, Prices: $125 - Non-member, $112 - Member

Horn Handled Penny Knife: A&AMW

Penny Knives were simple folding knives that featured turned handles and thing practical blades. Work with Art DeCamp as he guides the class through the process of turning horn for the handle, filing out and finishing the blade (including heat treat) and assembly of the knife. If time permits, students may work on another knife of the same style with wood or horn handles (materials extra). Ages 16+, Prices: $325 non-member, $315 member.

Knifesmithing Workshop

Under the guidance of Nathan Allen, you'll learn about the history and creation of a traditional hand-forged knife. Topics include proper steel selection, use of a coal forge and anvil, filing, and finishing a handle. You can expect to complete at least one knife during class. Some tools required. Ages 16+. This is a 3-day class. Please be sure you are available for all three sessions!

Shaker Style Side Table: A&AMW

Shaker furniture and design has long been admired for it's simply design and clean lines. This class will be building a simple one-drawer side table, which will fit into any home. Woods used will be walnut for the primary wood and poplar as a secondary wood (drawer bottom and side). Students will learn traditional jointery including dovetails and mortise-and-tenon joints. This class focuses on hand tools and traditional joinery, some parts will be prepared ahead of time. All materials and tools provided. This is a 6 week class. Cost: $400 per member, $425 per nonmember.

Wheel Thrown Pottery

Discover the basics of wheel thrown pottery. Students will be able to practice all aspects of throwing and shaping pottery. Whether a beginner or intermediate student, you will be able to progress at your own rate and develop your skills. All materials and supplies provided. We ask that you provide a towel to dry your hands on while at the wheel. Ages 13+ (ages 13-15 need to register with an adult). The date for which you register is the first meeting of this class. The class will continue to meet for the following three weeks on the same day of the week.