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Blacksmithing: Fun in the Forge

Be a blacksmith for a day. Learn to heat metal in a coal forge and shape it on an anvil. You will have the opportunity to complete several simple projects such as barbeque skewers, a flint and steel firestarter (with instructions on how to use it), and a dinner bell. All tools and materials will be provided. Ages 14 and above.

Herbs: Feeding & Healing the Historical Family (Jun 25)

Join Mrs. Zimmerman in Conner Prairie’s historical gardens, and identify different historical herbs that were used in 1836 that you can grow today. Learn their medicinal and culinary purposes for your family as well as for weary travelers. Also, take home sample herbs to start in your own garden. Ages 13+ (children under 16 must register with an adult).

Historical African American Cuisine (Jul 30)

Guests can help prepare and sample gumbo, sweet potato pie, and kush, while learning some of the history of African-American cuisine and its impact on our society. Ages 13+ (children under 16 must register with an adult).

Hearth Cooking: Pickles and Kraut (Sep 24)

Guests can learn how to pickle with vinegar and using fermentation to make pickled asparagus, fermented carrots, and sauerkraut. This will involve lots of vegetable cutting done by the guests. Ages 12+ (children under 16 must register with an adult).

Dovetailing Basics (Nov 5)

Whether contemporary or traditional work, hand-cut dovetails are timeless and add a dimension to your work that speaks volumes to its craftsmanship. Through the construction of a simple hardwood box, students will learn what tools to use for hand dovetailing, layout of joints, cutting, fitting and finishing. All tools and materials are provided. Ages 16+.

Custom Knife Sheaths Workshop (Oct 8)

Folk artist and leatherworker Ken Scott will show you the many tips and techniques used in making knife sheaths for all styles of working knives. Please bring the knives you want to sheath to class. Ages 14+

Knifesmithing Workshop (Oct 5-7)

Under the guidance of Dwight Gallian, you’ll learn about the history and creation of a traditional hand-forged knife. Topics include proper steel selection, use of a coal forge and anvil, filing, and finishing a handle. You can expect to complete at least one knife during class. Ages 14+

Folding Knife Workshop (Oct 5-7)

A handmade folding knife is a joy to use and something you can carry with pride. Knifesmith Nathan Allen teaches how to create a historically appropriate “cut steel” knife. Students will spend time at the bench learning how to file, fit, harden, and temper a practical knife that will serve well in daily use. Ages 14+

Basic Blacksmithing Workshop (Oct 3-5)

Join Nathan Allen as you learn the basics of blacksmithing including drawing, punching, hardening, tempering steel, and forge welding. You’ll make projects such as chain links, s-hooks, a fireplace poker, pliers, and a fork. All tools and materials provided. Ages 14+

Axe Forging Workshop (Oct 8-9)

Explore traditional forging techniques with blacksmith Nathan Allen. Examine stylistic differences and construction techniques used on historic axes. The class will primarily cover punched eye axes. For those with more blacksmithing experience, forge-welded styles can be made. Students will have the chance to forge a couple of different styles. Ages 14+

Engraving Workshop (Oct 3-7)

Master engraver and author of Engraving Historic Firearms, John Schippers teaches you the art of metal engraving. Using practice pieces, you’ll learn basic design, tool selection, and sharpening techniques. Also, you’ll have the opportunity at the bench to practice and receive a critique on the techniques learned in class. Ages 14+

Leatherworking Workshop (Oct 3-5)

Join Ken Scott as he teaches you his unique style of making hunting bags and pouches. Through pattern development, cutting, stitching, finishing, and basic leatherworking techniques, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind hunting pouch. You’ll also learn Ken’s unique antiquing methods. Ages 14+

Advanced Leatherworking Workshop (Oct 5-7)

Take your pouchmaking to the next level as Ken Scott teaches you advanced techniques in making hunting bags and pouches. You’ll learn how to create rolled bindings, pocket gussets, ways to attach aprons, appliques, and cutouts. This workshop is intended as a next step for those who have taken his basic pouch workshop. Ages 14+

Hearth Cooking Workshop (Oct 8)

Learn to prepare a traditional meal over an open fire. Enjoy the warming smell of the fireplace as hearth cooking expert Sarah Withrow shares her knowledge. Learn to blend traditional techniques with historic and contemporary recipes that are perfect for home entertaining, historic re-enacting or camping. Ages 14+

Basic Hornworking Workshop (Oct 3-5)

Instructor Art DeCamp will demonstrate and then teach participants how to make a wooden loading block bullet starter for muzzleloading rifles. Each class participant will make their own custom loading block sized to fit the specific needs. Application of horn and brass overlays will be used to decorate the wooden loading block. Time permitting, engraving and decoration of the blocks may be executed at the class. Ages 14+

Advanced Hornworking Workshop (Oct 5-9)

Work alongside master hornsmith Art DeCamp to make a North Georgia-style powder horn. This style of horn features a two-piece antler spout, banding, and decorative painted accents. Basic horn working techniques such as heating, pressing, lathe work, finishing, and coloring of the horn will be covered. Ages 14+